About Jivdani Mandir

The ancient famous Maa Jivdani temple is located on the Jivdani hill in Virar, a suburb of Bombay. In 17th century there was a fort by the name of Jivdhan on this hill. Within the fortifications there are some ancient looking caves and water cisterns, most of which have now practically dried up.

Story of Jivdani Devi

The legendary story of Jeevdaani Devi is as follows: During their forest journey, Pandavas came to Shurparaka. They visited the holy temple of Vimaleshwar consecrated by Lord Parashuram and on their journey to Prabhas halted on the banks of Vaitarni river. There they worshipped the Bhagavati Ekaveera on the banks of Viraar Tirtha and seeing the serenity and lofty nature decided to carve caves in the nearby mountains. They did so on the hills nearby and installed and worshipped the Yoga Linga of Ekaveera devi in one of the caves. They called her Bhagavati Jeevadhani (That is Goddess, who is the real wealth of life). Doing so Pandavas also made a set of small caves now known as "Pandav Dongri" about a mile from Shirgaon for the hermits. Many yogis used to stay in Pandav Dongri and have darshan of Jeevdhani Devi.

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  • Morning 05:30 am
  • Afternoon 12:00 pm
  • Evening 07:30 pm